Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Material Matters

In today’s market, many louis vuitton handbags use affordable, durable PVC that can look as good as real leather. Other alternatives include nylon and canvas. The key is to choose a material that feels supple and has a substantial look. Very thin leather or plastic will cheapen the look of any bag no matter the price. Texture often makes a bag look more expensive so keep an eye out for quilted, crocodile and snake skin finishes that are tasteful. Consider durability if you opt for real leather over synthetic. Lambskin is soft, tears easily and often shows more abrasions whereas cowhide is tougher with a rough texture.

The Finishing Touches

Hardware is equally as important and makes a big difference in the overall bag aesthetic. Choose low luster trims - brushed, antique or brass gold instead of bright gold and shiny gunmetal instead of a white silver. The stitching should be uniform and not coming apart.

In order to spot quality and good design in affordable pieces, you need to understand the classics and learn what material and finishes are used on the expensive louis vuitton Monogram Classic handbags. Stay tuned next week for Part Two!

beautiful days

While Michelle owns Lady Language and manages most of the daily operations, sisters Jessica and Stephanie have played a major role in keeping customers happy, managing shipments and selecting products for the store. As mentioned in another post, Jessica and Stephanie have actual lives that take them away from the business while Michelle is totally consumed and loving it.

This weekend, Jessica gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Holland Paige, and our new family member at a healthy 7 lbs 14 ounces and 20 inches. We'll post some pics later this week. Jessica will be settling in to her role as a Stay at Home Mother and caring for the new baby and her sweet 3 1/2 year old Gwyneth (or as we like to call her, Foo Foo).

Stephanie is consumed with college life again, studying and writing endless reports. Between caring for her 3 children, school, and her current job at the hospital, she hardly has any time for fun.

Lady Language continues to grow and we are so grateful for all of our wonderful customers and fellow bloggers. We hope we can continue to live up to your expectations and have some great new things planned over the next few months. Michelle only hopes she has enough time and sanity to implement them!