Monday, July 26, 2010

Design girl

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Genevieve Jones Kate Fringe Bag


Kate Moss with her Genevieve Jones Kate Fringe Bag

Sienna Miller and her Louis Vuitton Coppola handbag

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My dress is Alfred Angelo

In my face: The Hour Glass veil, primers, and Giuseppe Zanotti handbags Waterproof Mascara ,<--- point, but a good mascara $ is a small size, in my small bag for:) would be a natural eye shadow colors , brown, tans. I do not know Eye Liner 90-degree weather, certainly, it may be a bit ugly in my eyes.

Use make-up work in the living room, but do not expect to do a lot, but it is fresh, natural, beautiful, make my own make-up products, as it will be hot, hot, hot, outside, and that I need a touch so many months I have a good idea to have such a right tone. Bringing in the wallet bareMinerals, and powder / foundation brush and eyelash curler, travel size deodorant.


Eat, drink, life-long love: I do not really want to find out napkins and central focus, so we have a good time, not because the reception and 18 o'clock, I am pleased that we will be and some food and We will come together to drink, a friend in similar cities.


I will be honest share photos from my iPhone, in my Twitter and Facebook, I will post them as the day goes on, my very good photographer who has known about 7 years I will be attending a friend's photo.


I am glad that I found such a wonderful person who I am pleased to share life with long-term memory - he is lucky! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Marc Jacobs Studded Python Small Single

Combination of red and black looks impressive and I love it more when it is a handbag. So, have a look at the elegant and sophisticated Studded Python Small Single by one of my favorite designers, Marc Jacobs handbags. This Italian made, Bordeaux python-printed leather purse is accented with silver hardware and the chain shoulder strap with tonal leather is irresistible. The lap top with logo latch and the studded tonal quilt detail is making it more adorable. You can carry this pretty purse with your classy dresses for an elegant evening. This purse will also look great with plain top and denim shorts for a cool chic look.Tagged at $595, wholesale replica hadnbags this bag is available at

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oryany’s Sequin Wendy Tote

Simple, smart, and decadent luxury, Oryany sequins Wendy handbag is not just a pretty arm candy bits. No, she has done a lot of work to do! Large soft edge vogue, can be short or processing, or by long metal chain shoulder (or institutions). A matching cosmetic bag will help you move necessities handy, and a cell phone and internal pockets hold business cards array things.

For more classic metal style, try a combination of gold and silver, you can rest and wear a good summer to autumn. Abstract to provide a printed version of the deep black and soft blue, copper mixed bag look more important punk city center, and gold colors in a circular pattern. Of: gold surface uneven aspect of what makes these bags is an interesting addition to the daily appearance. If they are too perfect, they will only in special occasions!

Spacious, functional, and has amazing gloss bumpy, Oryany of Wendy bag works just as well, because she expected.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The world cup and Louis vuitton

Backham with his Louis vuitton Keepall handbag

Thousands of female fans dream lover David Beckham is a big fan of Louis Vuitton. 30-year-old Beckham, a time when the peak of charm, elegance of unparalleled. If the human and extraterrestrial communication, need to select a woman as a representative, then the representatives of David Beckham as the choice for men. Beckham Louis Vuitton Street shot chart, and the other person inevitably and his wife's Hermes Birkin handbags

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beauty comes in Milan!

Yes, with the arrival dell'affascinantissimo David Beckham to Milan, I think that Italian women are more happy to watch these boring games on Sunday!

First appearance for the "just worked" Milan in the gallery during the game and was classified as him the ball .....

A lot of advertising, marketing very, very fashionable, very posh (yes because his wife does not spring ...... although feigning interest)!

He, in his wonderful new clothes Dolce & Gabbana ....

She already began making a fuss between helicopters and ice rinks for three months .... but could not stay at home?