Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gilli and S.P.I.R.A. L Foundation, bags beautiful, good and cheap


Gilli and S.P.I.R.A. L Foundation collaborate for a long time but has now been presented a new project, very nice bags made entirely with materials that will be sold at low prices in order to enable them to purchase at all. These bags are made from about 1000 people in Viet Nam and Nepal that are paid by the hour and not about the quantity of pieces produced, also enjoy medical coverage, health conditions that are a real luxury in these countries and between a bit in our will, if this continues!

Gilli and S.P.I.R.A. bags L Foundation will be sold at a price ranging from 10 to 40 euro, you will recognize from little heart red present in each bag. The beautiful and good of you to buy at the Gilli boutiques GILLI of via della Spiga in Milan 5 and Via Roma 86 in Turin.

The funds raised from the sale of these beautiful bags will be entirely donated to the Foundation S.P.I.R.A. that will use it to help children less fortunate, to carry out surgical operations on children with heart disease or cancer.

Nicole Kidman has already chosen his, you expect? Unfortunately found only in Milan and Turin, and hopefully increase sales!

Preview the beautiful Diane von Furstenberg bags spring/summer 2012


A juicy preview today: three pieces of the new collection bags for Diane von Furstenberg spring/summer 2012. We therefore plan to discover those that will be of next season trends, hot that as we're seeing these days will be full of surprises by leading international brands. The Belgian designer does not mistake a shot. The establishment proposals are colorful, modern, dynamic, female and from adorable Round Snake Clutch. Minimal Design for a bag that everything points on his snake skin color blue sea, equipped with chain strap to be worn as a shoulder bag, is perfect as a showpiece of a spring evening outfit.

Also Diane von Furstenberg celebrating the year's finest season with exotic skins, which relate to the dreamy landscapes offered by Stella McCartney at his Hawaiian shopping bag. Behold then, another delightful clutch, Adele characterised by crocodile leather flap grey and the rest in pink leather, very girlish! You think that this bag was created in collaboration with the magazine Vogue. Pure beauty!

Finally, an old acquaintance of Furstenberg, Harper also proposed for spring 2012 but in tote. An excellent choice, as endorsed by the Nice brown outer pocket, useful for those who have the bad habit of losing always, keys and fanciful but discreet Ball pendant.

And also the charming designer Diane makes us start dreaming the fresh spring fashion, but still has a long way to go girls!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The sparkling pouch for iPad by Rebecca Minkoff


The iPad cases are a very cool and which apparently you can't do without! Today we present a sizzling housing that is part of the new collection of Rebecca Minkoff, a comfortable, casual and versatile, perfect for all the girls but that, by color, fine even for boys! This housing proposal by Rebecca Minkoff is fairly simple and cute, I like sports, maybe because it's not just fashion but certainly is a good case that will protect your Apple gem from everything and everyone, even you!

Custody of Rebecca Minkoff for iPad is very nice, I like it because it is really convenient, a perfect model to protect your iPad from scratches, slides, oversights and shock.

Rebecca Minkoff there presents a iPad case made of neoprene and decorated with a pyramidal rubber that create a real layer amortized over the entire surface.

This case presents the closure with zipper and has a metal plate with the logo of the designer. The custody of Rebecca Minkoff is also embellished by the presence of a comfortable shoulder strap that attaches laterally with two hooks to attach the two carabiners.

The housing is available in pink, purple and black and the price is only $ 68.00.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The bag in red wool Kate Spade, adorable!


Now we have understood the wool bags are very fashionable for fall winter 2011 2012, we have proposed some of the 'all there now and show you a very nice Kate Spade. The Kate Spade handbags are always cheerful and carefree, and also that I am presenting today is no exception, it is a glamorous model made ​​of a beautiful bright red and decorated with a big bow on the front, this case bags is great for throughout the cold season but it is absolutely perfect for Christmas!

Kate Spade bags I always enjoy so much, I'm original and trendy and then prices, except in exceptional cases, are never prohibitive, they are always brand handbags and unattainable but noble as those of Louis Vuitton handbags, are also less well-known that but it must be clearly stated at the bottom of the really important thing is that the bag you talk about us, represent us!
The 'Walker Park Tate' by Kate Spade Satchel is part of the autumn winter 2011 2012 and is made of bright red wool and decorated with stitching but not too much, that delineate the contours. The bag features a fabulous big red bow on the front of very large but as is always red and always boiled wool is not excessive, indeed there is just fine!
The Kate Spade bag has double handles that are integral with the design of the bag but are lined by strips of black leather to be more comfortable and functional. The price is $ 250.00 and found at Nordstrom.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Nomad bag of Sonia Rykiel all wool and softness


I adore Sonia Rykiel and this is a fact! But this time Sonia Rykiel has combined a disaster really, for the cold season has created the Ligne Nomad Messenger Bag, a model made of wool with many strands so it looks like a carpet, a carpet and not those of luxury but an old bathmat eighties! This bag is not only so drab but is also expensive: $ 980.00! You know how much more interesting things you can buy with this figure?

La Ligne Nomad Messenger Bag by Sonia Rykiel is part of the autumn-winter 2011 2012, could be interesting if cost 10.00 euros but for $ 980.00 is a madness that becomes increasingly ugly! In short, who would go out with this bath mat in khaki?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl 5 with Chanel handbags and Mulberry


The set of Gossip Girl 5 continues to show the different looks very interesting, now we see the beautiful outfits that Blake Lively shows off nice and put their bags that every girl hopes to have in your closet! Blake Lively and Leighton Mester fashion are the two protagonists of the TV series, their looks are analyzed by many girls around the world and are a source of inspiration for women and, I bet, even for the fashion houses compete to win these girls in their advertising.

Today we deal with that compared to Blake Lively, Leighton has a less good taste and a lot more hippies, but still elegant and super-course designer.
In one of the 5 scenes of Gossip Girl Blake brings a nice catchy Mulberry handbag ostrich leather teal, an elegant, glamorous and the handle has a comfortable shoulder strap. This bag combines the colored powder with a skirt, a top hook and a kind of fur jacket (quite obscene!). At the foot of Brian Atwood made ​​heeled suede heel studded burgundy.
The second look is more casual because Blake began wearing one of his usual shorts are very short this time, a cream-colored chiffon T-shirt. For accessories, Chanel and wears the tip of the dancers in black paint and a nice blue metallic leather shoulder bag.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Enclosures for smartphone by Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen iphone case

Alexander McQueen dress with style even our smartphones. The British fashion brand each season gives us his beautiful collections of fashion, but now even our cellphones can be glamorous. The autumn-winter 2011/2012 of Alexander McQueen is composed for our telephone three versions: skin and skin and wool bouclé, cavallino and leather. Obviously could not miss the skull, with a golden charm. The Union between the coldness of technology and creative fashion irony.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Advertising campaign of Proenza Schouler for autumn-winter 2011/2012


The Proenza Schouler fashion brand proposes for autumn-winter 2011/2012 advertising really very interesting. Images definitely series, austere, with models who don't sketch a smile even to dream. An advertising campaign that aligns perfectly with the mood dictated by fashion brand for the next cold season. A collection of women who will Gorge on fashion looks for leaders who absolutely impeccable, without too many trimmings.

Autumn-winter 2011/2012 of Proenza Schouler handbags is rich creations really very interesting, to be worn on occasions very important. The images look like the real works of art, with the protagonists of models a creative process that leads to be statues posing to show the trend of fashion brand.

Dark colors, serious attitudes, for a series of creations definitely clean, which embellish the female wardrobe for next autumn-winter 2011 2012: very serious, a wardrobe for women.


A decidedly serious advertising campaign that proposal from Proenza Schouler, who in his autumn-winter 2011/2012 has proposed a whole series of clothing and accessories definitely interesting. Moreover, the heads are very austere, dark shades, perfect for the cold season. Then the campaign is perfectly in line.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The iPad case with romantic ballerinas signed Lodis


Look for a case for the iPad very beautiful romantic? Then you'll love you custody of Lodis with ballet dancers, a refined and very feminine model for all women. The iPad cases were declined in many different versions and a bit from all the top designers, today there propose an a brand not quite famous but we reserve often you like surprises. Custody with the dancers presents the decoration in 3D with Tutu that is absolutely impossible not to want to touch!

The case for iPad of Lodis is called Degas Daisy, is made of pink and turquoise skin and with the dancers dancing with pink Tutu with a hue a bit darker. The closure is with double zipper and the inside is lined with a fabric that will protect your iPad from scratches and whatnot.

The price is $ 78.90.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The casual elegance of Chloe June Bow bag


The fashion brand Chloe presents us the beautiful June Bow bag, a bag from country-western flavor that is part of the autumn-winter 2011 2012, is a cute and glamour model perfect for everyday life. The bags are beautiful and sophisticated Chloè, I have a soft spot for the creations of this French brand and I also like the fact that, occasionally, prices are not too high, especially those of the line See by Chloè.

The Chloe June Bow bag is very cute and casual, is a model made of calfskin night blue with a maxi bow brown leather, the bag you can bring the shoulder or it can detach and become a clutch bag, take with you on special occasions.

The June Bow bag of Chloe is feminine and vibrant, it is a very simple model but very cute I know goes well with every look, I like it because it is not too elegant and easily you can combine without running the risk of being out of place.

Inside we have a wall pocket. The measures are 33 x 17 x 10 cm and 40 cm shoulder measure. The price of this bag is $ 825.00.

Emma Watson with a shoulder strap of Alexander McQueen


Emma Watson is the star of the moment, these days is committed to the promotion of the film "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II", the latest installment of the Harry Potter series in which she played the beautiful Hermione. Emma is under the eye of the reflectors and when it is on the red carpet in his everyday life. If the red carpet dress by Emma features elegant real Princess, on her true life opts for simpler look, leuna fabulous tracollaggings, t-shirts, dancers and a fabulous Alexander McQueen Strap called Wicca Leather Satchel.

Wicca Leather Satchel of Alexander McQueen is a simple and minimal model, is made of calfskin and presents a long adjustable shoulder strap and the flap is closed with the carabiner on which are printed the initials of the company. The bag is available in various colors like black, Burgundy and cream nuances that charming is that choice by Emma.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here are the best men's bags of summer 2011


Today we see along the most beautiful man from bags of summer, here are all the more attractive and glamorous models that you can give to your boyfriends and dad. The men we make fun because we are fixated with fashion but even if they are not also seems to be all fashion and trendy! If you want to have some idea on what are the most appealing fashion bags that major brands we offer for boys, read our special dedicated this time to men, croce e delizia of our lives!

Shopping bag from Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton purse is a classic and casual model, is made of Canvas Monogram and is perfect for carrying all the essential functional objects thanks to internal and external pockets. The price is EUR 575.00 and you can also buy from Louis Vuitton.

Bottega Veneta bag for man


Bottega Veneta instead proposing a shopping bag leather dark brown woven bag, a comfortable and casual with a beautiful leather strap ever. The bag has the closure with zipper and the price is euro 1.280.

Gucci men's bag


Gucci there has so many templates, I have chosen a logoed canvas in classic shades of beige with brown leather. The Gucci bag is closed with a zip and a comfy adjustable shoulder strap. It's a classic and timeless, perfect to wear again, the price is EUR 844.91.

Ralph Lauren men's bag


Ralph Lauren model is a little different because it is a school bag, the bag is made of black cloth with leather buckles and double carabiner. Also here a shoulder strap and various internal and external pockets. The price is euro 943.00.

Balenciaga purse for men


Balenciaga bag is made of black leather and brow, is a very nice and versatile model perfect for all seasons. The template is minimal is presents the closure with zipper and a comfortable shoulder strap. This bag will be yours to 655.85 euros.

Mulberry bag for man


The bag that there offers Mulberry is called Antony and is simple and casual, a model in dark brown leather with the flap on the front and turn lock closure, Golden practically equal to that which is found in women's models. The price is 484.00 EUR.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sienna Miller's shoulder bag Gucci 1973 mad!


Sienna Miller continues to amaze us most for its almost infinite collection of designer handbags that film where is the protagonist. The actress is one of the appearances of our fixed heading devoted to celebrity style, with a collection that features some of the most beautiful handbags, from Sc bag by Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton to tote in Prada Saffiano and fabric, up to the brand new Ostrich hobo bag by Miu Miu. And now, here she is with another brand new model: the beautiful suede shoulder bag Gucci collection 1973.

Sienna Miller continues to be one of the most beloved actresses of fashion brand. After recently sported the wonderful Mandarin and Prada bag black madras, here it is with the paparazzi of the strap, in the 1973 collection Gucci suede dark blue. Now to make an account of all the bags we've seen really splurge to Miller is impossible …

Liv Tyler with the mini of Proenza Schouler PS1


The PS1 of Proenza Schouler continues to be one of the most lavish scholarships from star, today we see the beautiful actress Liv Tyler with the mini of Proenza Schouler PS1, she that is a true connoisseur and carries a Designer handbags also to walk his dog! Liv Tyler is collecting a hit after the other, a few days ago we view the Stella McCartney for the presentation of the collection resort 2012 but she is also the new Muse of Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci and!

Today we see Liv Tyler with a polka dot dress, short, black leggings and a green military jacket, sneakers, mini strap of Proenza Schouler PS1 and his little dog, ready for a long walk.

Make much tenderness Liv in this photo, it is just cute?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Longchamp bags fall/winter 2011/12

longchamp-pliage-neve Continuing our series of bags for autumn winter 2011 2012 and today we discover together new proposals Longchamp, la griffe casual French chic that sees how historic the beautiful Muse supermodel Kate Moss, English. Longchamp offers a wide range of fashion handbags designed to meet the needs of all women, we have bags and chic take but also new versions of the legendary Folding bag, the it bag of the company that now is a must have.

Longchamp handbags are beautiful and I take, I very much appreciate the spirit of this brand that looks straight on his way without being infect by trends, fashions, always remains true to himself and carries forward its timeless style.

If we are to find fault at Longchamp handbags maybe it could be that they are all very similar, or rather being classic and casual it runs the risk of recurrence, but somehow this happens for all fashion houses.

Longchamp handbags of the autumn-winter 2011 2012 there are various proposals interesting, a crocodile leather strap very chic and then the new Folding bag, including the winter themed with snowman and applications in the form of stars.

Miss Viv Roger Vivier

it-bag-miss-viv-roger-vivier-seta One of the most successful stock exchanges in recent years is certainly Miss Viv Roger Vivier. Like all it bag that you respect, by Kelly dedicated to Princess Grace until D Tod's Bags that has rewarded the unforgettable Lady Diana, this bag is dedicated to one of the icons of style of the moment: we are talking about Carla Bruni Sarkozypremière dame of France, and beloved by the designers. It's inspired you this bag, which has struck many other celebrities, such as bag addicted Sarah Jessica Parker.

Roger Vivier is now also able to enter with his own bag in the wonderful world of the it bag. The French maison which sees the creative direction of the Italian Bruno Frisoni indeed decided to devote to Carla Bruni Sarkozy's handbag Carlalala, a model she sported immediately in the most important occasions.

This model was then declined also in the collections of the brand under the name Miss Viv, becoming a veritable cult! Are the declensions of this handbag fashionable and refined: the chic in silk satin, striped and spotted version!

A scholarship so beautiful could not become a model not much loved by the other celebrities who have made their stock of his life: I'm talking about a bag addict like Sarah Jessica Parker, who has two modelsand Elle MacPherson. What will be the next star to fall in love with this bag?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cole Haan bags Preview: the 2011-12

Accessories Index

The fashion brand Cole Haan presents the first bags of the new collection for autumn winter 2011 2012, are just two but both beautiful! Cole Haan is a very famous brands in the world, we in Italy is still among the most beloved brands but who chews a little ne of fashion and accessories loves fine cannot worship the purses and collections Cole Haan. Today we propose the first bags the next cold season.

Cole Haan was not a particularly generous brands, we now have a preview of two bags, a quilted leather clutch embroidery effect and a tote.

Cole Haan bags new are fascinating and glamorous, quite different from each other but both deserving of attention. The clutch is a refined and casual, presents an extremely simple design in which the patella with magnetic clips, the real peculiarity lies in the texture, a pattern quilted with strips, these are squeezing the air inside creates these small folds.

The other is a tote bag instead, a classic model with double handles, a large bag made of hazelnut brown leather and features a central strip with an insert into fabric "woolly" houndstooth print Brown and ivory.

Maison Martin Margiela handbags s/s 2011


A collection that would define the aseptic Maison Martin Margiela bags for spring/summer 2011. With this term I don't absolutely judge adversely these accessories, which are of a high definition minimal-chic that I love particularly, and also Nicolas Ghesquière apparently. In fact, the Creative Director of Balenciaga is declared to be a big fan of Martin Margiela and often wears the creations of his jaws.

All scholarships this spring collection are divided between neutral colors and black, with the exception of one small shoulder bag in Fuchsia velvet with metallic details and zipper.

In the caramel coloured suede handbag, while the surprise is the gray fabric bag market, virtually identical to the famous model designed by Jil Sander.

Behold then the clutch in total white which is having much success and particular handbag black leather of ostrich, whose handles are going to fold the bag up to blend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jil Sander bags preview the 2011-2012


Jil Sander brand which today we see the purses of the autumn/winter 2011-2012, has operated many changes into its guidelines in recent seasons. If you first sent more on exclusive use of black and white, or neutrally to the maximum, we now see the latest creations are characterized by bright colors or even floral themes. Want a little because the color block is the must-haves of the season, a little because in life only fools never change idea, Jil Sander is proposing therefore also for the next cold season flowers and color.

Minimalism thankfully remains as a hallmark of this fashion house now very famous. Essential are almost all bags in their design, enriched by unexpected details. Such as clutch, from whose colour back though a hint of color out of your pocket, or bag with long horizontal outer hinge.

Also this time as we just mentioned, there are flowers sprouting on market bag. Now, however, are darker shades on black base, while the Floral-Print Collection we really an explosion of colors. Delicious full Sander-style black folder bag, while a speech to be made for Madame, it-bag house Sander, yellow skin with black shoulder bag and by whom, even here, a thin red portfolio. What about if the color does not, Hooray!

jil-sander-tracolla-rossa   jil-sander-clutch-rossajil-sander-totejil-sander-satchel

Kylie Minogue with Gucci Snaffle bit


A bag Addict serial as Kylie Minogue could not manage to resist the Snaffle bit Gucci bags, one of the aims of the collection spring/summer 2011 maison fiorentina which this year celebrates its first 90 years. Australian popstar was photographed at the airport with this beautiful gucci bag, handmade weavings that gives it an even more particular allure. With this bag, expands the already rich collection of Minogue, which features mostly designer Yves Saint Laurent handbags.

Kylie Minogue seems unable to resist the lure of beautiful handbags and signed. Australian popstar is a fixed presence in our section devoted to celebrity style, there is almost a week that we deal with his wardrobe, from envy to Hollywood. One of his latest obsessions is the Chyc up Cabas of Yves Saint Laurent, a House of which Minogue is a great fa, owning several models of bags cult as Easy and Downtown.

Recently however, Kylie Minogue has "betrayed" his brand of reference to show off a bag that is among the it bag of the season. We are talking about the Snaffle bit of Gucci, one of the models of the collection spring/summer 2011 maison directed by Frida Giannini, recalls equestrian traditional Gucci.

Minogue chose the medium model, which becomes a practical and especially capacious handbag for the day. I find her looks always 99 and the choice of this bag makes his style "holiday" really by ten and praise!

Giorgio Armani clutch bags with butterfly


Giorgio Armani presents always fascinating and rich collections of style, today we show you a beautiful blue satin clutch that is part of the collection spring/summer 2011, it is a fantastic evening bag decorated with a butterfly jewel made with Swarovski crystals, Onyx and metal, a beautiful and very catchy, ideal for those looking for a stylish and chic, but also unique and original.

Giorgio Armani is a stylist, years pass and he continues to amaze and conquer the female audience and not only, because King George is one of the most renowned designers for men's fashion.

Today we present a Giorgio Armani handbag that is part of the collection spring/summer 2011, it is an elegant evening clutches done in blue silk and decorated with a stylish Butterfly swarovski.

The bag is minimal, presents the patella with closure on front with magnetic clips and enriched by jewel, the butterfly is beautiful and is made of metal which are embedded swarovski crystals and white, blue and Onyx stones on the cheeks.

The price is euro 1580,00.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

High heels are the winners of our survey


It seems that even in summer you renounce the heels, although from our survey shows that yes they win, but in the large version, which is certainly more comfortable to carry. Imagine that all the fashion addicted who gave this response will be the same answer "never in life" to the current survey of shoes, which asks you whether you or not flip flops in summer.

34% of you said that in the summer bring high heels but grossi. The stiletto addicted Panis stiletto heels, which in fact remain your second choice, with 23%. Evidently the discomfort does not win on sex appeal!

The wedge, which we will dare to favorite shoes, piazzano inexplicably in third place, with 23%: yet they are so comfortable, even to go to the beach ...

The dancers, who apparently suffer from lack of interest aroused in the boys, wins the second place, with 14%, while the flat shoes, heels or nothing (category where then we also flip flops), are in last place, with the preference of 6% of the readers of shoes.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Louis Vuitton shoulder Mick in Damier Graphite


News from the world of Louis Vuitton are many, even within the collection. La maison Française in fact decided to enrich this male line of leather goods with many new models starting from Mick. It is a strap from work but also by day Damier Graphite canvas, a symbol of Louis Vuitton menswear collection. Its name reminds you of something? Sure, it is nothing less than dedicated to Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones and rock icon!

Louis Vuitton for spring/summer 2011 offers us many models, all very beautiful and interesting. But innovations aren't just inside the new women's collection, which we talked about in past weeks, but also in the male.

Also for spring/summer 2011 la maison introduces a new model within the canvas Damier Graphite collection, one of the traditional fabric of maison proposed in variant on shades of black and gray only in mewnswear. As you know the Monogram was also the last parade of Louis Vuitton, where it has been proposed in an embossed version.

New entry for this season will be the Mick, a beautiful shoulder from work but also by day. Size A4 and so perfect for notebooks, which contain documents and is enriched by an outside zippered pocket with zipper oblique, while inside it has two pockets and two pens, in addition to a D-ring for attaching the keys. Available in two models GM (46 cm x 36 cm x 11 cm) and MM (43 cm x 31 cm x 9 cm), is on sale at the price of 915 and 840 respectively.

louis-vuitton-damier-graphite-mick-mm louis-vuitton-damier-graphite-mick-gm-interno

Operà romantic picnic baskets and walks

Operà romantic picnic baskets and walks

Today we speak of the Operà colorful bags, baskets, vintage flavour, perfect for picnics, but which are perfect for walks, maybe matching them with sandals and a white dress crochet or linen. These baskets are romantic and available in many different models, each basket is also available with a precise reason, there are those with lemons, with strawberries, bears etc, in short with The Work you will have the opportunity to make a leap in the past and relive the childhood.

The new baskets signed The Operà are part of the collection spring/summer 2011, we have straw baskets in natural tones embellished by fabric inserts, embroidery, beads and toys.

The Operà the baskets are what it takes for a trip to the Park, a picnic on Easter Monday or that you can easily organize now that it is spring, beautiful days are on the agenda and a trip outside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The baskets are decorated in various colors, and each is coordinated a theme, with strawberries, red yellow and blue with lemons and still dusty rose with the bears.

Prices are euro 50,00 for bags decorated with fabric, the bulrushes 135,00 with the bears, euro 125,00 for that with nestlings and 120,00 for garden basket.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Swimwear Cris Sarel collection summer 2011

Swimwear Cris Sarel collection

Now you know, summer is upon us and already beginning preparations to get better. There are many different ideas for brand swimwear collections for summer 2011, that I propose today is the line signed by Cris Sarel, Spanish fashion designer. We have repeated ad nauseam, the season's must-haves in fashion to leave a particular place, the fancy fiorata warm color, bold, impact and rows, all fashion dictates that we have seen recently adapted to clothing who marched on the catwalks of Milan to Parisian fashion until a few days ago. Let's see how these must then also reused in the beachwear sector.

Other lines of swimwear interesting that we proposed for summer 2011 are certainly one of the Green, and the colourful and vibrant line of Killah, closer to the young fashion and this based on an idea by fresh and sassy beach wearvery juvenile.

Cris Sarel models are intended for a more adult audience, to some extent, in the sense that each garment, whether it's a bikini or swimsuit, tends to favour the idea of women and fashion the most elegant and refinedable to carry on the beach a style that does not pass unnoticed with a touch of glamour, but pretty good class.

So here's a triangle bikini with white flowers on a black background, or patterned pieces in warm tints such as pink and red, or occasionally models still look like beautiful garments, cups and Underwire or balcony, all really original.

Kate Middleton with the Tod’s D Bag

Kate Middleton with the Tod’s D Bag

It was a photo that we waited to publish: we're talking about Kate Middleton with the D-Bag of Tod 's. The well informed know the emotional siginificato also of this image: the future bride of Prince William in fact is wearing the Tod 's bags that the Italian brand of leather has dedicated to the mother of William, the dear departed and unforgettable Lady Diana. Kate, future Queen of England, maybe he wanted to do a tribute to the mother of his future spouse choosing this bag cult?

I knew of the existence of this image: I searched everywhere on the web and finally I managed to find it. We are talking about Kate Middleton, the future wife of William of England (Intimissimi inspired to launch his new Bride), with the arm not a scholarship, but the D-Bag.

The well informed know very well that this bag was dedicated by brand Tod's to Lady Diana, style icon that even Dior wanted to dedicate her purse cult, the Lady Dior. And now, behold, the future wife of the eldest son of Lady D wear the bag to her.

Will that are romantic, but I find really beautiful this image and also rich in meaning. Who knows, maybe one day Tod's decides to do homage to Middleton scholarship, perhaps a K Bag. However, Kate has already become an icon of fashion clothes and accessories.

Monday, March 21, 2011

H & M Handbags: All models fashion

H & M Handbags

H & M is always there to help in any season with its beautiful bags. Often models are not super expensive to be fashionable and trendy: just take a look also in low cost fashion chains to notice a flood of proposals at super competitive prices. As for example is H & M. Today we want to show the fashion models of the spring / summer 2011, which provides traditional and timeless models but also bags the most extravagant, perfectly in line with the fashion trends of the season. Here we go!

H & M: Spotted


The dots, as we have seen from the catwalk, will also be the hit of the autumn / winter 2011-2012. but for now let's concentrate on the spring / summer 2011. An evergreen trend, which makes this humorous and sympathetic trunk. The charms in the shape of the mouth, then it's really irresisitibile!

H & M clutch

H & M clutch

The animal has always been one of the most successful trend in the collections of leather goods. And certainly not lacking in the new collection of handbags H & M. The Swedish brand offers us know with this clutch for the evening, Wild and chic at the same time.

H & M faux leather

H & M faux leather

It's a classic that never sets. What you see above is a tan leather tote, perfect for everyday life, to go to work but also to get around the city for shopping. Practical and comfortable, ideal to hold everything we needed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow with Jimmy Choo Cosma Metallic Clutch


At the Oscars 2011, the beautiful American actress Gwyneth Paltrow has chosen to put an elegant, chic and sophisticated, perfect to show off the red carpet of an event so important! Gwyneth Paltrow wore the Jimmy Choo Clutch Metallic Cosma, a sleek and glamorous purse that is part of the new spring summer collection 2011. Gwyneth Paltrow once again proves to have good taste, I can be focusing on the beautiful simplicity.
Gwyneth Paltrow chose Cosma Metallic Clutch by Jimmy Choo, a very nice handbag made of metal of gold and decorated with vertical stripes that make the bag even more bright and bubbly.
The Cosmos Metallic Clutch is part of the new spring / summer 2011 collection of Jimmy Choo, presents the design of a clutch tube, one of the most famed production models of the famous fashion designer.
Gwyneth Paltrow Cosma Metallic Clutch combines a beautiful evening gown by Michael Kors that is part of the new fall / winter collection 2011 2012, this is a dress in blush-colored silk chiffon draped and decorated with rhinestones that recall the golden gold bag.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Louis Vuitton handbags video of the Greenwich New Tattoo

Once again, the men's collection of handbags for Louis Vuitton catalyzes our attention. Top model of the spring-summer 2011 is surely the Neo Greenwich Tattoo, the stock slide we've seen on the catwalk and also that the tattoo was designed by the artist Scott Campbell. Here is a video that portrays him as the tattoo designs that makes this bag so special, perhaps one of the most special of all those seen this season. If I were a man in a little thought we'd do really!
It 's a bit of seasons that the men's collections for Louis Vuitton sometimes end up liking almost as much as female ones, and in some cases even more. And 'the example of the spring-summer 2011, of which we spoke just a few weeks ago, presenting all the new models.
Waiting to know the bags of the autumn-winter 2011/2012 staged in Paris last month, with those clutch and the clutch as a man we were a bit 'crowded out, we speak once more of Neo Greenwich Tattoo, the bag decorated by Scott Campbell, the tattoo artist.
In this video we see the designer, as you may remember that the parade was "tattooed" all models took to the passerela with Monogram, intent on drawing the wonderful symbol that decorates this bag. I have literally fallen in love with this model: if I could, gave it to my boyfriend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Milano Fashon Week


Iceberg draws inspiration for his transgression by women wearing the Last Tango in Paris Maria Schneider, then look in the modern style of actresses such as Valerie Solarino or cinema icons like Sofia Coppola. The net effect is decorated, unusual, sometimes eccentric though as always dependent on the identity of the sportswear brand. A new Baroque declined contemporary urbanism. Suit with glam details: svarowski collar covered with crystals and on jackets and coats, lurex and sequins on dresses and sweaters, and even satin for shirts and dresses. Floral prints and graphics. The knitwear as DNA of the brand continues to be the protagonist of the collection and also becomes "fur" in the mesh. For shoes, boots or sandals with open toe and heel light up with a band around the ankle. Among the accessories there are necklaces with pendants in the shape of a prism or fossilized stone. For evening, applications of stones and crystals on the knitting on bodices, clothes and trousers.