Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alexa Chung stylist for Madewell

Alexa Chung has partnered with an American brand (Madewell brand of jeans at the origin) to create a mini collection that looks like a dressing ...
So already we necessarily love the idea, because who is better undermined Alexa Chung? Who else in this chic to associate a priori basic pieces in to make it a unique look? Nobody! We agree.
In fact, this mini collection made good its promises of basic, overalls, sandals with socks ... All figures are from
Alexa 100% pure juice.

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Mulberry handbags

Mulberry handbag

We have selected for you Some of the finest examples of Mulberry bags in the new collection of the brand:

New Collection Mulberry

New Collection Mulberry handbag

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Levi's launches jeans for real women

Levi's launches jeans for real women

Now it's jeans modeled on womanly curves. Perfect for all sizes. Where did this idea could be born if not revolutionary laboratories Levi's, a leading clothing brands in the world? Specialist in the second half of the 800 in the realization of this timeless garment, Levi's staff has interviewed about sixty women from all over the globe.

From this careful research has shown that most members of the women do not feel comfortable in jeans, often having difficulty finding the right model. Levi's designers have identified three types of women, under which were drawn three lines of jeans. The bold curves, sinuous bodies inspired by Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for women with curves Mediterranean, the Demi curves, which corresponds to the body of the beautiful actress Charlize Theron is the intermediate model, ideal for enhancing a physical is not too dry, enhancing the curves natural body fit and toned. The latest model, Slight Curve, associated by the designer of Levi's actress Lucy Liu, is perfect for women with slender build, who need to redesign the waist and side B creating a physical volume curves and very dry . How can we recognize the right model for us? All Levi's stores will provide customers of a meter by which to measure their curves to search, with the help of the order, the ideal model for our body.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chinese astrologers specializing in the horoscope

The 2011 is the year of the leopard. No, you miss a blog and we improvised the Chinese astrologers specializing in the horoscope. And 'right: the autumn-winter 2010/2011 season, more than ever that best addresses the trend dell'animalier, which pays homage to the surfaces of animals such as snake, leopard, tiger and zebra. Dall'allure wild spots and stripes become big players in a cold season and infect a bit 'all the big brands, Gucci, Moschino, Just Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana Handbags, which stains the leopard have also dedicated a collection from fluorescent color that has haunted the Hollywood star.

Gucci animalier photos Gucci animalier photos_1 Gucci animalier photos_2 Gucci animalier photos_3 Gucci animalier photos_4 Gucci animalier photos_5 Gucci animalier photos_6 Gucci animalier photos_7 Gucci animalier photos_8