Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gilli and S.P.I.R.A. L Foundation, bags beautiful, good and cheap


Gilli and S.P.I.R.A. L Foundation collaborate for a long time but has now been presented a new project, very nice bags made entirely with materials that will be sold at low prices in order to enable them to purchase at all. These bags are made from about 1000 people in Viet Nam and Nepal that are paid by the hour and not about the quantity of pieces produced, also enjoy medical coverage, health conditions that are a real luxury in these countries and between a bit in our will, if this continues!

Gilli and S.P.I.R.A. bags L Foundation will be sold at a price ranging from 10 to 40 euro, you will recognize from little heart red present in each bag. The beautiful and good of you to buy at the Gilli boutiques GILLI of via della Spiga in Milan 5 and Via Roma 86 in Turin.

The funds raised from the sale of these beautiful bags will be entirely donated to the Foundation S.P.I.R.A. that will use it to help children less fortunate, to carry out surgical operations on children with heart disease or cancer.

Nicole Kidman has already chosen his, you expect? Unfortunately found only in Milan and Turin, and hopefully increase sales!

Preview the beautiful Diane von Furstenberg bags spring/summer 2012


A juicy preview today: three pieces of the new collection bags for Diane von Furstenberg spring/summer 2012. We therefore plan to discover those that will be of next season trends, hot that as we're seeing these days will be full of surprises by leading international brands. The Belgian designer does not mistake a shot. The establishment proposals are colorful, modern, dynamic, female and from adorable Round Snake Clutch. Minimal Design for a bag that everything points on his snake skin color blue sea, equipped with chain strap to be worn as a shoulder bag, is perfect as a showpiece of a spring evening outfit.

Also Diane von Furstenberg celebrating the year's finest season with exotic skins, which relate to the dreamy landscapes offered by Stella McCartney at his Hawaiian shopping bag. Behold then, another delightful clutch, Adele characterised by crocodile leather flap grey and the rest in pink leather, very girlish! You think that this bag was created in collaboration with the magazine Vogue. Pure beauty!

Finally, an old acquaintance of Furstenberg, Harper also proposed for spring 2012 but in tote. An excellent choice, as endorsed by the Nice brown outer pocket, useful for those who have the bad habit of losing always, keys and fanciful but discreet Ball pendant.

And also the charming designer Diane makes us start dreaming the fresh spring fashion, but still has a long way to go girls!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The sparkling pouch for iPad by Rebecca Minkoff


The iPad cases are a very cool and which apparently you can't do without! Today we present a sizzling housing that is part of the new collection of Rebecca Minkoff, a comfortable, casual and versatile, perfect for all the girls but that, by color, fine even for boys! This housing proposal by Rebecca Minkoff is fairly simple and cute, I like sports, maybe because it's not just fashion but certainly is a good case that will protect your Apple gem from everything and everyone, even you!

Custody of Rebecca Minkoff for iPad is very nice, I like it because it is really convenient, a perfect model to protect your iPad from scratches, slides, oversights and shock.

Rebecca Minkoff there presents a iPad case made of neoprene and decorated with a pyramidal rubber that create a real layer amortized over the entire surface.

This case presents the closure with zipper and has a metal plate with the logo of the designer. The custody of Rebecca Minkoff is also embellished by the presence of a comfortable shoulder strap that attaches laterally with two hooks to attach the two carabiners.

The housing is available in pink, purple and black and the price is only $ 68.00.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The bag in red wool Kate Spade, adorable!


Now we have understood the wool bags are very fashionable for fall winter 2011 2012, we have proposed some of the 'all there now and show you a very nice Kate Spade. The Kate Spade handbags are always cheerful and carefree, and also that I am presenting today is no exception, it is a glamorous model made ​​of a beautiful bright red and decorated with a big bow on the front, this case bags is great for throughout the cold season but it is absolutely perfect for Christmas!

Kate Spade bags I always enjoy so much, I'm original and trendy and then prices, except in exceptional cases, are never prohibitive, they are always brand handbags and unattainable but noble as those of Louis Vuitton handbags, are also less well-known that but it must be clearly stated at the bottom of the really important thing is that the bag you talk about us, represent us!
The 'Walker Park Tate' by Kate Spade Satchel is part of the autumn winter 2011 2012 and is made of bright red wool and decorated with stitching but not too much, that delineate the contours. The bag features a fabulous big red bow on the front of very large but as is always red and always boiled wool is not excessive, indeed there is just fine!
The Kate Spade bag has double handles that are integral with the design of the bag but are lined by strips of black leather to be more comfortable and functional. The price is $ 250.00 and found at Nordstrom.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Nomad bag of Sonia Rykiel all wool and softness


I adore Sonia Rykiel and this is a fact! But this time Sonia Rykiel has combined a disaster really, for the cold season has created the Ligne Nomad Messenger Bag, a model made of wool with many strands so it looks like a carpet, a carpet and not those of luxury but an old bathmat eighties! This bag is not only so drab but is also expensive: $ 980.00! You know how much more interesting things you can buy with this figure?

La Ligne Nomad Messenger Bag by Sonia Rykiel is part of the autumn-winter 2011 2012, could be interesting if cost 10.00 euros but for $ 980.00 is a madness that becomes increasingly ugly! In short, who would go out with this bath mat in khaki?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl 5 with Chanel handbags and Mulberry


The set of Gossip Girl 5 continues to show the different looks very interesting, now we see the beautiful outfits that Blake Lively shows off nice and put their bags that every girl hopes to have in your closet! Blake Lively and Leighton Mester fashion are the two protagonists of the TV series, their looks are analyzed by many girls around the world and are a source of inspiration for women and, I bet, even for the fashion houses compete to win these girls in their advertising.

Today we deal with that compared to Blake Lively, Leighton has a less good taste and a lot more hippies, but still elegant and super-course designer.
In one of the 5 scenes of Gossip Girl Blake brings a nice catchy Mulberry handbag ostrich leather teal, an elegant, glamorous and the handle has a comfortable shoulder strap. This bag combines the colored powder with a skirt, a top hook and a kind of fur jacket (quite obscene!). At the foot of Brian Atwood made ​​heeled suede heel studded burgundy.
The second look is more casual because Blake began wearing one of his usual shorts are very short this time, a cream-colored chiffon T-shirt. For accessories, Chanel and wears the tip of the dancers in black paint and a nice blue metallic leather shoulder bag.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Enclosures for smartphone by Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen iphone case

Alexander McQueen dress with style even our smartphones. The British fashion brand each season gives us his beautiful collections of fashion, but now even our cellphones can be glamorous. The autumn-winter 2011/2012 of Alexander McQueen is composed for our telephone three versions: skin and skin and wool bouclé, cavallino and leather. Obviously could not miss the skull, with a golden charm. The Union between the coldness of technology and creative fashion irony.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Advertising campaign of Proenza Schouler for autumn-winter 2011/2012


The Proenza Schouler fashion brand proposes for autumn-winter 2011/2012 advertising really very interesting. Images definitely series, austere, with models who don't sketch a smile even to dream. An advertising campaign that aligns perfectly with the mood dictated by fashion brand for the next cold season. A collection of women who will Gorge on fashion looks for leaders who absolutely impeccable, without too many trimmings.

Autumn-winter 2011/2012 of Proenza Schouler handbags is rich creations really very interesting, to be worn on occasions very important. The images look like the real works of art, with the protagonists of models a creative process that leads to be statues posing to show the trend of fashion brand.

Dark colors, serious attitudes, for a series of creations definitely clean, which embellish the female wardrobe for next autumn-winter 2011 2012: very serious, a wardrobe for women.


A decidedly serious advertising campaign that proposal from Proenza Schouler, who in his autumn-winter 2011/2012 has proposed a whole series of clothing and accessories definitely interesting. Moreover, the heads are very austere, dark shades, perfect for the cold season. Then the campaign is perfectly in line.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The iPad case with romantic ballerinas signed Lodis


Look for a case for the iPad very beautiful romantic? Then you'll love you custody of Lodis with ballet dancers, a refined and very feminine model for all women. The iPad cases were declined in many different versions and a bit from all the top designers, today there propose an a brand not quite famous but we reserve often you like surprises. Custody with the dancers presents the decoration in 3D with Tutu that is absolutely impossible not to want to touch!

The case for iPad of Lodis is called Degas Daisy, is made of pink and turquoise skin and with the dancers dancing with pink Tutu with a hue a bit darker. The closure is with double zipper and the inside is lined with a fabric that will protect your iPad from scratches and whatnot.

The price is $ 78.90.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The casual elegance of Chloe June Bow bag


The fashion brand Chloe presents us the beautiful June Bow bag, a bag from country-western flavor that is part of the autumn-winter 2011 2012, is a cute and glamour model perfect for everyday life. The bags are beautiful and sophisticated Chloè, I have a soft spot for the creations of this French brand and I also like the fact that, occasionally, prices are not too high, especially those of the line See by Chloè.

The Chloe June Bow bag is very cute and casual, is a model made of calfskin night blue with a maxi bow brown leather, the bag you can bring the shoulder or it can detach and become a clutch bag, take with you on special occasions.

The June Bow bag of Chloe is feminine and vibrant, it is a very simple model but very cute I know goes well with every look, I like it because it is not too elegant and easily you can combine without running the risk of being out of place.

Inside we have a wall pocket. The measures are 33 x 17 x 10 cm and 40 cm shoulder measure. The price of this bag is $ 825.00.