Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The bag in red wool Kate Spade, adorable!


Now we have understood the wool bags are very fashionable for fall winter 2011 2012, we have proposed some of the 'all there now and show you a very nice Kate Spade. The Kate Spade handbags are always cheerful and carefree, and also that I am presenting today is no exception, it is a glamorous model made ​​of a beautiful bright red and decorated with a big bow on the front, this case bags is great for throughout the cold season but it is absolutely perfect for Christmas!

Kate Spade bags I always enjoy so much, I'm original and trendy and then prices, except in exceptional cases, are never prohibitive, they are always brand handbags and unattainable but noble as those of Louis Vuitton handbags, are also less well-known that but it must be clearly stated at the bottom of the really important thing is that the bag you talk about us, represent us!
The 'Walker Park Tate' by Kate Spade Satchel is part of the autumn winter 2011 2012 and is made of bright red wool and decorated with stitching but not too much, that delineate the contours. The bag features a fabulous big red bow on the front of very large but as is always red and always boiled wool is not excessive, indeed there is just fine!
The Kate Spade bag has double handles that are integral with the design of the bag but are lined by strips of black leather to be more comfortable and functional. The price is $ 250.00 and found at Nordstrom.

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