Friday, April 29, 2011

Cole Haan bags Preview: the 2011-12

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The fashion brand Cole Haan presents the first bags of the new collection for autumn winter 2011 2012, are just two but both beautiful! Cole Haan is a very famous brands in the world, we in Italy is still among the most beloved brands but who chews a little ne of fashion and accessories loves fine cannot worship the purses and collections Cole Haan. Today we propose the first bags the next cold season.

Cole Haan was not a particularly generous brands, we now have a preview of two bags, a quilted leather clutch embroidery effect and a tote.

Cole Haan bags new are fascinating and glamorous, quite different from each other but both deserving of attention. The clutch is a refined and casual, presents an extremely simple design in which the patella with magnetic clips, the real peculiarity lies in the texture, a pattern quilted with strips, these are squeezing the air inside creates these small folds.

The other is a tote bag instead, a classic model with double handles, a large bag made of hazelnut brown leather and features a central strip with an insert into fabric "woolly" houndstooth print Brown and ivory.

Maison Martin Margiela handbags s/s 2011


A collection that would define the aseptic Maison Martin Margiela bags for spring/summer 2011. With this term I don't absolutely judge adversely these accessories, which are of a high definition minimal-chic that I love particularly, and also Nicolas Ghesquière apparently. In fact, the Creative Director of Balenciaga is declared to be a big fan of Martin Margiela and often wears the creations of his jaws.

All scholarships this spring collection are divided between neutral colors and black, with the exception of one small shoulder bag in Fuchsia velvet with metallic details and zipper.

In the caramel coloured suede handbag, while the surprise is the gray fabric bag market, virtually identical to the famous model designed by Jil Sander.

Behold then the clutch in total white which is having much success and particular handbag black leather of ostrich, whose handles are going to fold the bag up to blend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jil Sander bags preview the 2011-2012


Jil Sander brand which today we see the purses of the autumn/winter 2011-2012, has operated many changes into its guidelines in recent seasons. If you first sent more on exclusive use of black and white, or neutrally to the maximum, we now see the latest creations are characterized by bright colors or even floral themes. Want a little because the color block is the must-haves of the season, a little because in life only fools never change idea, Jil Sander is proposing therefore also for the next cold season flowers and color.

Minimalism thankfully remains as a hallmark of this fashion house now very famous. Essential are almost all bags in their design, enriched by unexpected details. Such as clutch, from whose colour back though a hint of color out of your pocket, or bag with long horizontal outer hinge.

Also this time as we just mentioned, there are flowers sprouting on market bag. Now, however, are darker shades on black base, while the Floral-Print Collection we really an explosion of colors. Delicious full Sander-style black folder bag, while a speech to be made for Madame, it-bag house Sander, yellow skin with black shoulder bag and by whom, even here, a thin red portfolio. What about if the color does not, Hooray!

jil-sander-tracolla-rossa   jil-sander-clutch-rossajil-sander-totejil-sander-satchel

Kylie Minogue with Gucci Snaffle bit


A bag Addict serial as Kylie Minogue could not manage to resist the Snaffle bit Gucci bags, one of the aims of the collection spring/summer 2011 maison fiorentina which this year celebrates its first 90 years. Australian popstar was photographed at the airport with this beautiful gucci bag, handmade weavings that gives it an even more particular allure. With this bag, expands the already rich collection of Minogue, which features mostly designer Yves Saint Laurent handbags.

Kylie Minogue seems unable to resist the lure of beautiful handbags and signed. Australian popstar is a fixed presence in our section devoted to celebrity style, there is almost a week that we deal with his wardrobe, from envy to Hollywood. One of his latest obsessions is the Chyc up Cabas of Yves Saint Laurent, a House of which Minogue is a great fa, owning several models of bags cult as Easy and Downtown.

Recently however, Kylie Minogue has "betrayed" his brand of reference to show off a bag that is among the it bag of the season. We are talking about the Snaffle bit of Gucci, one of the models of the collection spring/summer 2011 maison directed by Frida Giannini, recalls equestrian traditional Gucci.

Minogue chose the medium model, which becomes a practical and especially capacious handbag for the day. I find her looks always 99 and the choice of this bag makes his style "holiday" really by ten and praise!

Giorgio Armani clutch bags with butterfly


Giorgio Armani presents always fascinating and rich collections of style, today we show you a beautiful blue satin clutch that is part of the collection spring/summer 2011, it is a fantastic evening bag decorated with a butterfly jewel made with Swarovski crystals, Onyx and metal, a beautiful and very catchy, ideal for those looking for a stylish and chic, but also unique and original.

Giorgio Armani is a stylist, years pass and he continues to amaze and conquer the female audience and not only, because King George is one of the most renowned designers for men's fashion.

Today we present a Giorgio Armani handbag that is part of the collection spring/summer 2011, it is an elegant evening clutches done in blue silk and decorated with a stylish Butterfly swarovski.

The bag is minimal, presents the patella with closure on front with magnetic clips and enriched by jewel, the butterfly is beautiful and is made of metal which are embedded swarovski crystals and white, blue and Onyx stones on the cheeks.

The price is euro 1580,00.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

High heels are the winners of our survey


It seems that even in summer you renounce the heels, although from our survey shows that yes they win, but in the large version, which is certainly more comfortable to carry. Imagine that all the fashion addicted who gave this response will be the same answer "never in life" to the current survey of shoes, which asks you whether you or not flip flops in summer.

34% of you said that in the summer bring high heels but grossi. The stiletto addicted Panis stiletto heels, which in fact remain your second choice, with 23%. Evidently the discomfort does not win on sex appeal!

The wedge, which we will dare to favorite shoes, piazzano inexplicably in third place, with 23%: yet they are so comfortable, even to go to the beach ...

The dancers, who apparently suffer from lack of interest aroused in the boys, wins the second place, with 14%, while the flat shoes, heels or nothing (category where then we also flip flops), are in last place, with the preference of 6% of the readers of shoes.