Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Nomad bag of Sonia Rykiel all wool and softness


I adore Sonia Rykiel and this is a fact! But this time Sonia Rykiel has combined a disaster really, for the cold season has created the Ligne Nomad Messenger Bag, a model made of wool with many strands so it looks like a carpet, a carpet and not those of luxury but an old bathmat eighties! This bag is not only so drab but is also expensive: $ 980.00! You know how much more interesting things you can buy with this figure?

La Ligne Nomad Messenger Bag by Sonia Rykiel is part of the autumn-winter 2011 2012, could be interesting if cost 10.00 euros but for $ 980.00 is a madness that becomes increasingly ugly! In short, who would go out with this bath mat in khaki?

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